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  核心提示: 我要向尤利娅告状喔:找一处可以和奇莎娜对话的场合按下r3进入第一人称视角对着她3分钟即可解锁,比如4章医馆,9章狂化村。...



错手消毒:7章boss战使用延烧护符攻击圣帝,护符记得在斗技场囚人战拿,辉石在赛车换。I want to tell Yulia: Oh, find a place where you can talk with Csana. Press R3 to enter the first person's view to her for 3 minutes, such as the 4 chapter, the 9 chapter, the crazy village.
Wrong hand disinfection: the 7 chapter boss and use spread talisman attack Shengdi arena, remember in the Amulet of war took prisoner in the car, pyroxene change.


世纪末实录:ex hard难度通关,第二周目才能选这个难度,要注意该难度死亡后不能重新挑战只能读档,不能更变难度,即使是通关后漫游模式也不行。Take a seat, don't you hold it tight? I teach or learn: drag the time in about half blood will enter the aeration condition, the end of the aeration state after a period of time when they cough a few, do not attack he will immediately jump cup.
At the end of the century record: ex hard difficulty, second weeks in order to choose the difficulty, should pay attention to the difficulty of death cannot re challenge only load, can not change the difficulty, even after the customs clearance of roaming mode too.


荣誉卫兵队员:完成所有的悬赏支线任务,不包括可以重复刷的。Also the Savior: complete all quests to play first night game, will get the line detector Saint veil, almost all can trigger regional wear will mark to mark on the map, it is worth noting that in the barracks and a large church mission seems not to look at the mark. The bartender game club games, racing games and bounty missions have chain extension, trigger location No. 3 branch in the South Gate of the wilderness not far away, you will see a child, this task mark directly marked on the highland village, a small bug, the other branch can be completed in a pub with Riera access No. 79 subphylum regional dialogue.
Honorary guards: completing all the tasks of the reward line, not including repeated brushes.


伊甸清道夫:打倒室内敌人500名 毫无难度 推荐先刷 帮助在街头被找麻烦的人 的勋章,可以一并完成。Street: Eden city public medical cure 100, recommended in the seventh chapter, from the mad village after several back to Eden Zabing war will come to a stop at the intersection by fire, return to the market, the market will in the west, South, north 3 locations to see a city in need of treatment the people, the three people can repeatedly brush, while able to unlock.
I Kiyomichio: the badge of 500 indoor enemies who have no difficulty recommending a brush to help people find trouble on the street can be done together.

遇袭大师:获得所有遭遇战勋章。值得一提的只有帮助街头被找麻烦的人30次,推荐在护符店北左右两侧的刷新点刷,带上贾古雷的眼镜可以看到敌人刷新的位置,如果刷在护符店门口,就是一般敌人,刷在护符点北边一点点距离的左侧或右侧墙边则一定是在找市民麻烦,如果是普通敌人就进去护符店再出来,然后往住所的方向走几步就可以看到敌人再次刷新。Master of the attack: get all the medals of the encounter. It is worth mentioning only to help street by trouble 30, recommended in the flush brush shop amulet around both sides of the north, with Jia Gure glasses can see the enemy to refresh the position, if the brush in the Amulet of the door, is the common enemy, the brush in a little distance from the North Point of the left or right the wall must be looking for trouble if the public, is a common enemy in the amulet shop out again, then go home go in the direction of the steps you can see the enemy again refresh.

世纪末易物家:随便找个易物商人用1000价值左右的物品跟他换100次就能解锁,可以用从商人哪里交易过来的东西继续跟他交易,这个勋章不需要成本。世纪末防具迷:获得所有防具,做完所有支线,买空赛车,竞技场,赌场,废料店和红羽毛店的话,剩下的应该只有一流鞋子和死神鞋子,一流鞋子在高地聚落附近刷21级敌人,死神鞋子在峡谷聚落附近刷45级敌人,其他等级的敌人都无法掉落,该信息由sciencelife提供。可以在聚落存档,出门遇敌不是相应等级的就读档,这种敌人遇见的概率比一般敌人要低。At the end of the century: looking for a barter barter merchant with 1000 value about items with him for 100 times to unlock, can come from the merchant transaction where things to deal with him, this medal does not need to cost. At the end of the century: many get all armor armor, finish all the branches, Bull Racing, arena, casinos, shops and stores the waste red feather, the rest should be the only first-class shoes and shoes shoes in the highlands of death, first-class settlements near brush 21 enemy death shoes in the canyon settlement near brush 45 enemies, other ranks the enemy will not fall, the information provided by sciencelife. You can go out to meet the enemy in the settlement file, not the corresponding level of load, the probability that the enemy met is lower than the average enemy.

世纪末配件迷:获得所有配件,同上买完所有商店做完所有支线和小游戏后,一般还缺少的几种:斗气绷带在斗技场囚人战最强s级决定战刷逃犯,金手镯在斗技场观众支援殊死战刷逃犯,金耳环在峡谷聚落刷45级敌人,银耳环银手镯在高地聚落刷21级敌人,金盘子我是在高速公路附近刷60级敌人出的,其他级别会不会出没考证 。如有还缺其他配件可以跟帖提问,我会编辑进来。统领星宿者:获得不包含dlc的所有星宿护符,也就是护符店列表里的前24种。At the end of the century, many parts: get all the accessories, buying all the shops all finished above extension and the game after several general missing: Grudge arena decided to bandage the strongest s battle war prisoner brush fugitive, gold bracelet in the arena audience support death battle brush fugitive, gold ear ring in the Canyon Village brush 45 enemies, Silver Earrings Silver Bracelet in the Highlands settlement brush 21 enemy, gold plate I was in 60 grade a highway near brush enemy, other levels will haunt research. I will edit in if there is any other accessory that can be asked to ask questions. Guide: get the stars do not contain all the stars charm DLC, also is the talisman store list 24.

穹究星宿者:把上面的24种护符炼制到7星,大部分辉石在完成斗技场决斗和支线内容后都可以获得两个,其他的需要在赛车商店,斗技场商店和赌场用点数换,其中斗技场决斗的对手最终奖励可以反复获得,也就是说有10种辉石不需要去换。炼制所需要的香都可以在斗技场用点数兑换,其他材料酒保小游戏里对应店铺好感度升满可以在商店买,部分无法购买的高级材料可以在荒野南部沙丘西南侧被荆棘包围的大楼下和易物商人兑换。The dome above the stars: 24 star talisman refining, most complete in pyroxene arena duel and regional content can get two, other needs in the car shops, shops and Casino arena points for the arena duel opponent the ultimate reward can be obtained repeatedly. That is to say there are 10 kinds of pyroxene does not need to change. Refining required incense in the arena with points exchange, other materials of small game store corresponding to the bartender favorability masumitsu can buy at the store, can not buy advanced materials can be surrounded by thorns in the southern part of the wilderness dunes southwest side of the building and merchants barter exchange.


传承者证明:使用所有北斗神拳的奥义 其中值得一提的是对巨型敌人蓄力密孔4段后的北斗天势击和蓄力密孔123段的北斗升雷脚,以及天将奔烈和七星点心这两个护符奥义。还有一些反击奥义都是按住防御在不同种类敌人攻击前会有提示按○。At the end of the century the rich legend: Earn 1000W ideal coin, gift cup. At the end of the century, the legend of profligacy: the cost of 1000W, the same.
Inheritors prove that all of the fist of the north star which is worth mentioning is the giant enemy Pactrometer dense hole after the period of 4 days and Pactrometer attack potential Beidou Beidou 123 liter dense hole Lei feet, and the day will rush and seven of the two strong snacks the amulet. Some of the counter are holding down the defense will be prompted by, in different kinds of attack before the enemy.

击败打虎:完成支线78。滚回神室町去:完成支线79。力克冥斗:完成支线80。平静更胜净水:学会托席所有的奥义后可以挑战认真的托席,战胜解锁。出师的传承者:解放3种能力。飞升的传承者:解放50种能力。Beat Tiger: line 78. Roll back to the Muromachi: complete extension 79. REK hopper: finish line 80. Calm water: learn more than all of the supporting seats can challenge seriously supporting seats, beat to unlock. Apprenticeship inheritance: Liberation 3 abilities. A rising inheritor: emancipating 50 abilities.




荒野的寻宝猎人:在荒野搜集1000个材料,随便跑跑都会解。The awakening of the inheritance: the liberation of all power, also is to go through all 4 discs, because a week Muhui bead is not enough, at least 2 weeks to complete orders, do not need to break boundaries, but the achievement list needs heart body 150 each bead technology, brushing the highest price is the arena, a high 2W can get enough level duel for 4 points.
Wail collector: collect all strange sounds, in the menu data also can see what are the lack of sound and the specific method of collection and location, not what the difficulty of the trophy, as recommended by the X to push a blow fly, other dense hole if the enemy can not output to control the direction of the other essential before. Finally, according to the target circle again.
Yi. Poof disintegrators: the implementation of accurate dense hole after calls will become fat weapons to the enemy, attack the enemy took up the broken 20 weapons to unlock.
The wilderness hunter hunter: collect 1000 materials in the wilderness, and run away at random.




荒野顶尖赛车手:在所有赛道的所有难度获得冠军,不包括最终战。公路赛最好赛车改造到一定程度再去挑战。No need to accelerate: according to L2 to the off-road car back 10 kilometers, 10 kilometers is a short distance, to be patient, to press for a while.
At the end of the century, the racing bike boy: the off-road car runs 500 kilometers, and will be free to run.
At the end of the century racing fans: access to all car parts, complete all branches, small game, for all the shops, there are several in the treasure map, will give priority to the car parts before the treasure map corresponding level racing parts did not get together to unlock.
Wilderness top Racer: winning all the difficulties in all the tracks, not including the final battle. The road race is the best car to change to a certain extent and then to challenge.



花团锦簇时:夜店游戏招募全部的30名公关,荒野棒球场右侧大楼下有一名,需要最优质肉干,隔壁棒球场就能拿到。两个聚落各有一名,南部平原和南部大沙丘西南侧的高楼上层各有一名,中央山路出口加油站有一名,其他都在伊甸城里,有一位需要的荒野文文要在夹娃娃机获得,所以至少要找到游戏机。Eden is a recognized food Ambassador: he has eaten all meals in two bars, a restaurant, and some products need to be added to the bartender game corresponding to the owner's popularity.
Monarch of the night: finish all the nightclub tasks. If you feel short of waiting, you can buy a necklace in the fight field. It is very expensive, but there is a upper limit.
When the club game: rich multicolored decorations to recruit 30 PR all right under the building, the wilderness baseball field there is a need, the best baseball field can get jerky, next door. Two each have a settlement, the southern plains and southern Great Sand Dunes southwest side of the upper buildings have a central Road gas station, exit a, the other in the city, there is a need for Arano Wenwen to get in the clip doll machine, so at least to find a game machine.




摇酒大师:酒保游戏达到s级,只要多刷刷就可以,碎冰可以搓键,其他无难度。The fighters: win in all the projects in the Dou technology field.
Eden singled Wang: in arena duel defeat all the opponents. The ancient animal husbandry, the king of murder need to complete the corresponding branch line, the seat to overcome the serious him after the appearance.
Super doctor: it is not very difficult to finish all the continuous segments in the small game of the clinic. If the reaction is not enough, it can backboard. If the rhythm is not open, a larger voice will help, which is only more than 140 at most. Attention should be paid to the different rewards of this game, which can not be rewarded at s level, and should be played once.
Shake the wine master: the bartender game to reach s level, as long as the brush can, ice can rub the key, the other without difficulty.



夹娃娃高手阿拳:夹娃娃机获得所有9种奖品,需要重置娃娃机里的物品才能刷出所有奖品。The death cannon player: the baseball field games are all s level. The best way to fight is to fight for the ball in the duel. The challenge will increase the distance of the enemy being beaten. The score of s evaluation is 2 times the target score, and the route of the ball can be found regularly. Be aware that this game, like a clinic, can't get a class a reward for s clearance.
Paradise gambler: the accumulated 15W chips in the casino, after getting a miracle card in the Dou technical field, poker and Black Jack are very easy to win, Black Jack's efficiency is very high. The other two medal collection project proposal of single pressure high times in the archive, many times in the load.
Pinch: the doll machine gets all 9 kinds of prizes. You need to reset the doll's machine to get all the prizes.



勋章大师:搜集所有勋章,完成上面这些奖杯应该就搜集差不多了,还差哪些要注意日后进行补充。Archaeological experts: all the electric game machine to play again, said here you can get the medal Hokuto no Ken he stood always brush soldier, 1 life time can brush 10W points, 5 people can brush enough 50w. Several other small games need to be brushed to 500W points, but they are very simple.
Help: Master in business man boxing game is Shirleen branch to earn enough accumulated 100W, should be completed midway line jump cup, the game you are losing money.
Master: collect all the medal medal finish above trophy should be collected almost, still should pay attention to what day after supplement.

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