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  核心提示: 近日又有了新的进展,那位10岁女孩的母亲在NGA的原贴中发表了最新的回复(5251楼),表示她已经接到了科里斯父母的电话,对方...


这位母亲接着谈到,科里斯也只是个15岁的孩子,不应该因为一个错误就被订上问题少年的标签、被网络攻击,相信他只是需要引导和关爱,希望能给科里斯一个改过的机会。Recently there has been new progress, the 10 year old girl's mother gave the latest reply in NGA in the past (5251 floor), said she has received the parents of Chris's phone, the other on the phone to her and her daughter with a sincere apology, she chose to forgive and accept. An apology.
The mother went on to talk about that. Chris is also a 15 year old child. He shouldn't be booked on the label of a teenager because of a mistake. He is attacked by the Internet. He believes he needs guidance and love only, hoping to give Chris a chance to make a difference.



我只是一名普通孩子的母亲,我没有想到我和孩子所经历的这件事会引起如此大的波澜,各类媒体都在进行报道、转发。但对于事情本身其实已经过去了,纠缠期间的细节已经没有什么意义,涉事方包括孩子及其父母、亲属也都诚恳的给我到了歉,并请求我和孩子的原谅。在昨天晚上10点多,“克里斯”的父母给我打了电话,对给我和我女儿所带来的不良影响予以了诚恳的道歉,对于我,一位妈妈,我选择了原谅,并接受了他们的道歉。The original:
I am just an ordinary child's mother. I didn't expect that what I experienced with my children would cause such a great wave. All kinds of media are reporting and forwarding. But for the matter itself is actually gone, the details of entanglement have no significance. The involved parties, including children, their parents and relatives, have sincerely apologized to me, and asked for forgiveness from my children. At 10 o'clock last night, Chris's parents called me and gave a sincere apology for the bad effects brought to me and my daughter. For me, a mother, I chose to forgive and accept their apology.

人无完人,更何况“克里斯”还仅仅是一名15岁的孩子,犯了一个错误就要被订上标签,就要被众多媒体、网络抨击、谩骂,并从此被标上了一个问题少年的标签吗。今后的路他将何去何从呢,人之初,性本善,我相信他仅仅是误入歧途,仅仅是需要正确的引导,仅仅是需要更多的关爱,作为同为父母的我,我希望能能给他一个改过的机会,也希望大家给他一个改过的机会,给他一个悬崖勒马不要再继续沉迷的机会。No one is perfect, let alone Chris is only a 15 year old boy. If he made a mistake, he will be tagged, and he will be attacked by many multimedia, network, and abuse. He has been labeled as a problem juvenile label since then. The way in the future he will decide on what path to follow, Men at their birth, good in nature, I believe that he is just going astray, just need the right guidance, just need more care, as the same as my parents, I hope you can give him a chance, I hope you give him a chance to turn over. The opportunity to give him a chance not to continue to indulge in.

我深知,类似的事件,受害者不单单是我的女儿,还有更多经历过类似事情的孩子,有的甚至受到了更大更严重的伤害。因此我诚恳的希望,媒体,尤其是网络媒体,能更多的关注是谁缔造了这个“克里斯”,我们的网络环境、我们的网站监管、我们的职责等等,这些才是需要我们关心的。我本人并无意通过这次网络事件成为所谓的公众关注的人物,我那患有阿斯伯格综合症、沟通能力有些吃力的孩子更不希望那所谓的曝光,我们只想平平淡淡生活,这是妈妈的心声。I know that a similar incident is not only my daughter, but also more children who have experienced similar things. Some of them are even more serious. Therefore, I sincerely hope that the media, especially the Internet media, will pay more attention to who built this "Chris". We need to care about our network environment, our website supervision, our responsibilities and so on. I am not through the network event became a figure of public concern, that I had Asperger's syndrome, ability to communicate some difficult children do not want the so-called exposure, we just want to go in light of life, this is my mother.


我还希望,所有的孩子家长,能抽出更多的时间与孩子们进行沟通,他们需要关怀,需要爱护,更需要倾听。I'm here, and I have some words to say to the media... The reason why I publish this kind of thing is to protect more children like my daughter from harm. Although some injuries have happened, I can choose to forgive, but if he does violate the law, he needs a fair judgement.
I also hope that all children's parents can make more time to communicate with their children. They need care, care, and more listening.

他们的精神世界是可塑的,是需要引导的,而引导者就是我们为人父母,尽到一个监护人应尽的责任和义务。在这起事件中,我本人在前期做的不够理智,导致一些孩子在网络上采取了对立的态度,隐私的边界在哪里,值得我们所有人深思。Their spiritual world is plastic and needs guidance, and the guide is our parents, and the duty and responsibility of a guardian. In this incident, I didn't do rational in the early stage, which led some children to take a opposite attitude on the Internet. The boundary of privacy is worth thinking for all of us.

游戏是什么,踢皮球、跳皮筋、看电视、看书、看电脑,这些都算娱乐,游戏更是娱乐的一种,我本人并不反对孩子去接触游戏,尤其是一些正能量的电子游戏,但作为家长,要起到一个监督管理的职责,同样,作为孩子在公众社交平台进行聊天、看帖子、回帖子等等,也要进行监督和管理。What is a game, play ball, rope skipping, watching TV, reading, watching the computer, these are entertainment, the game is a kind of entertainment, I do not oppose the children to contact with the game, especially some of the positive energy of the electronic game, but as a parent, should play a regulatory role. Also, as a child, look back chat posts, posts in public social platforms and so on, to carry out supervision and management.

国外需要电子游戏和一些社交平台,都采取了实名制和分级制度,这能有效的杜绝孩子接触一些他们这个年龄层次不应该看到的内容,我也期待咱们国家也能推出更完善的管理制度,说句简单的,什么年龄层的孩子接触什么类型的娱乐,这其中最可怕的做法就是一刀切,这是粗暴且不负责任的管理方式,是一种懒政。精细化的、个性化的管理才可治本。国外已经有如此好的经验,根据我们国家的实际情况加以改善,一定会有更好的发展前景。Foreign electronic game and some social platform, adopt the real name system and classification system, which can prevent children contact some of their level of this age should not see the contents of effective, I also look forward to our country to launch a more perfect management system, a simple, what age children what type of entertainment this is one of the most terrible, it is across the board, this is outrageous and irresponsible way of management, is a kind of lazy politics. Fine, individualized management can be treated. Foreign countries have already had such good experience. According to the actual situation of our country, we will have better prospects for development.

由于知乎一直在实名状态,不能更改,为了保护孩子和我,没有去发表任何说法,在这里针对近期网友就此事件提出的质疑,我也在此一一给予回复。Because knowing has been in the real name state, it can not be changed. In order to protect children and me, I didn't give any comments. Here I would like to reply to the recent netizens' questions about this incident.


2、孩子是AS,这不是刚检查出来的,是远在2015年就已经得到确诊,大家对于AS的了解,可能就只限于百度百科,只有家长或者这个领域有研究的人才知道,实际情况远比百科上说的要严重得多,其中最明显的状态就是情绪失控,正常人是10档情绪,AS孩子可能是1.2直接到了9.10这样。1, children are not subject to campus violence and teachers are unfairly treated.
2, the child is AS, this is not just to check out, is in 2015 has been confirmed, the AS, may be limited to Baidu encyclopedia, only the parents or the field of talent to know the actual situation than the encyclopedia said to be much more serious, the most obvious is the state emotional control, normal people are 10 emotions, AS children may be 1.2 to 9.10 such direct.

孩子会在上着课的情况下突然情绪失控,原因可能只是因为老师表扬了A同学,没表扬她,她觉得自己也做得不错,可能只是小朋友之间开玩笑,而她听不懂,这种情绪失控是可以表现成多种形式的,比如动手打小朋友,比如她会突然捂住耳朵尖叫起来:你们不要说话了好吗?(AS的孩子对各种听觉,触觉,味觉等都很敏感),更多的情况会是推倒自己课桌,把自己书包从楼上扔下去。然后挨个去推倒其他的孩子课桌甚至是老师课桌,最严重的一次是直接把黑板砸了个大洞,这就是为什么她会觉得同学都孤立她,老师都不喜欢她的原因,同学不是孤立她,而是怕她,老师对她不好其实是因为老师并没有接触过这类病症,做为家长的我有时候都会失去耐心,何况一个班级里管理60个孩子的老师呢。Children in a class suddenly under the emotional control, it may be only A students because the teacher praised, not to praise her, she thinks she has done a good job, may just small friends joke, but she could not understand, this is the emotional control can show a variety of forms, such as small hands friends, such as she suddenly screamed over his ears: you don't speak good? (AS's children are sensitive to all kinds of hearing, touch, taste, etc.), and more of the situation is to push down their desks and throw their schoolbags down from the upstairs. And go down the other children and even the teacher desk desk, the most serious one is directly to the blackboard to hit a big hole, which is why she feels isolated her classmates, teachers do not love her, her classmates are not isolated, but afraid of her, she is not good for the teacher because the teacher and no contact with this kind of disease, as parents sometimes I will lose patience, not to mention a class management of 60 children teacher.

有很长一段时间我是被学校要求随叫随到,以致到后面陪读,最后是劝退,因为她真的影响到了别的同学。其实我也是在孩子确诊之后才知道原来远在小时候带孩子去参加同学聚会。For a long time I was on call back to school, so that the study, finally is discouraging, because she really affect the other students. In fact, I was also in the children's diagnosis before I knew that when I was a child, I had to take a child to a party.


AS还有很多的特征,如果感兴趣的可以去找点专业的书看看(推荐<星星小王子>),看完了之后我相信您对孩子的一些举动就会有更多的了解了,在这就不一一解释了。为什么要在这里做这么长的一段解释,是因为AS的孩子不在少数,她们很辛苦,很多AS的家长都会经过被学校要求陪读甚至劝退这一阶段,如果您身边有这样的孩子,或者您孩子的班级上有这样的孩子,请善待她们,请您或者让您的孩子理解她的小同学为啥会这样, 这真的不是她的错,希望多一些老师看到,能给这类孩子多一些的宽容和关爱。I said to the child, "baby, do you call someone?" The child would solemnly shout at a dozen uncles and aunts: "man," and then bow. It was very embarrassing at that time. It was not the child's loveliness. She had a disease and a disease of science.
AS has many characteristics. If you are interested, you can go to some professional book to see it. After reading it, I believe you will know more about your children's actions. Why do such a long explanation here, because AS is not a few of the children, they are very hard, many AS parents will be asked by the school after accompanying this period even discouraging, if you are surrounded by such a child, or your child's class a child like this, please treat them please, or let your child understand her classmates why, it's not her fault, hope more teachers see, can give the children more tolerance and care.

3、关于网上很多人在质疑我是第一代网民,也可能是所谓的网瘾少女,也是个网络暴力者。我想说的是,我虽然是第一代网民,但是我已经成年并且在工作中接触了网络,我的网络生涯是在好奇、求知、了解世界中开始的,只是一名普通的网虫。我个人是非常反对网络暴力的,但在当今社会,一个事件、一个问题被无情的放大数倍,当你求助无门的时候,你会怎么做,更多的只是无奈与无助。3, on the Internet, many people are questioning that I am the first generation of Internet users, or may be so-called Internet addicted girls, and also a cyber violent person. I want to say is, although I was the first generation of Internet users, but I have grown and in contact with the network, the network is in my career curiosity, knowledge, understanding of the world in the beginning, just an ordinary worm. Personally, I am very opposed to cyber violence, but in today's society, an event and a problem are being magnified by several times. When you turn to no help, what do you do? It's more helpless and helpless.

4、关于性教育,我不能说我做到极致了,但是孩子在3岁的时候已经知道在她想尿尿,把臭臭的时候只有妈妈,外婆,小姨可以帮她脱裤子,5岁时候知道男女有别,以及到今年初潮来临孩子没有表现出来惊慌,而是第一时间找出书包里我为她准备的卫生巾去厕所按照我教的办法换上,我觉得我至少不是失败的,当然,我只教给她了一些书面上可以理解的东西,我没教会她网络上随时可能出现新名词,这是我做妈妈的失责了,我会努力的去挽救我的失责,教会孩子更多的我所不知道得东西,孩子的脚步太快了,我不能期望她慢下来,但是我可以拼一拼,加速度的赶上她。4, a sex education, I can not say that the ultimate I do, but by the age of 3 children already know when she wanted to pee, the smelly when only a mother, grandmother, aunt to help her pants, 5 years old when he knows this, and this child didn't show menarche comes to panic, but the first time find the bag of sanitary napkins I prepared for her to go to the toilet as I taught the way to change, I think at least I'm not a failure, of course, I only teach her to understand some writing on things, I had taught her the network at any time can be a new term, this is my mother lost responsibility, I will try to save my default, to teach the children more I don't know anything, the child's pace is too fast, I can't expect her to slow down, but I can fight a fight, acceleration Catch up with her.

5、孩子所用的账号其实是我的,我这个老阿姨确实是动漫爱好者,到现在依然喜欢,在B站看了一段时间动漫,但是后来这弹幕实在是让我无法接受,工作也忙,索性也就不看了,但是孩子的聪明是我没办法想到的,她知道妈妈电话,我输过的密码,她看手势都能猜到。孩子两学制,中午是需要回家的,我中午没时间去接孩子,所以中午孩子是和外婆一起过的,拿外婆的手机或者平板登陆的妈妈账号,这是我们没做到的地方,我确实也是很长时间没登陆过,也不知道孩子在看什么,问外婆,外婆也只能说出在看动画片这样,这是我对孩子的关心不到,是我的疏忽,我的责任,我以后会更多的陪着孩子去看动漫,去正确引导孩子选择正能量的动漫。In 5, the account is actually my child, my old aunt is indeed anime fans, still in love, B stood for some time at the animation, but later this Barrage is so that I can not accept, busy work, they simply do not read, but the child is clever I can't think of, she knew that her mother calls, I lose the password, her gestures can guess. Two children school, noon is the need to go home, I don't have time to pick up their children at noon, so the child is at noon together with the grandmother, grandmother took the mobile phone or tablet on mother account, which we didn't do, I really is a long time not landing, also do not know what to see in children ask grandma, grandma, can only say that this is watching cartoons, I don't care for children, is my negligence, my responsibility, I will accompany the child to see more animation, to correctly guide the children to choose the positive energy of the animation.


我在NGA发帖是在事情发生的2天后了,因为当时“科里斯”还在网上不断的发表一些侮辱性质的动态文章,而且是在我我已经去过派出所,并被告知没有任何一条法律可以适用你现在所接触的状况,警察也只能给我做个备案。在无法立案的情况下,我又发微博艾特了陈睿,在事情发生后,我也第一时间咨询过B站的客服,B站客服让我报警,但报警依然无果。我是在这种绝望的情况选择在NGA发帖的,为什么是NGA?因为说实话,我只有这个论坛有账号。When I see the children are linked to the Internet to question me when I was not in good mood at the time, forget she is such a special child, said some harsh language, in fact, after the information is very regret, but later gave her daughter an apology, this is really my fault, after to be patient.
I posted on NGA in 2 days after it happened, because it was "Chris" has published articles on the Internet some dynamic insulting, but I have been there in the police station, and was told that no one can contact you now for legal status, the police can only give me a for the record. In the case of not filing, I sent micro-blog AIT Chen Rui, after the event, is also the first time I consulted the B station B station customer service customer service, let me alarm, but the police still no fruit. I chose to post in NGA in this desperate situation. Why is NGA? Because to be honest, I have only this forum to have an account.

6、给孩子注册QQ号,是因为孩子可以和爸爸,爷爷奶奶聊天视频之类的,孩子基本是我自己养大,我不希望孩子对爸爸有什么怨恨之类的,但是我自己是有怨恨的,所以不想和那边说话,选择了一个新的QQ号来让孩子和那边联系。后来因为她在学校里和同学没办法相处,我鼓励她用QQ认识一些人,同时也教她怎么去分辨好人与坏人(我的脚步没赶上女儿,我还在以我的认知去认识这个网络,自责。现在的网络环境较之以前有了很大变化,而我还停留在以前的时代,依然用我的方法来认知现在的网络,我非常自责。)网络上,坏人的招数变化太快,是我的问题,监管不到位,是我的失责,以后要做得更好,绑上飞毛腿使劲追吧。6, give the child registered QQ, because the child and father, grandma and grandpa chat video like children, basic is my own up, I don't want to have children like what resentment for my father, but I have resentment, so don't want to speak there, choose a new QQ to let the children and side contact. Later, because she couldn't get along with her classmates in school, I encouraged her to know some people with QQ, and at the same time, taught her how to distinguish good people from bad people. Now the network environment has changed greatly compared with before. And I still stay in the past era, still use my way to recognize the current network, I am very self accusation. ) on the network, change bad tricks too fast, my problem is, the regulation is not in place, is my default, to do better in the future, tied the Scud hard after.

经过这件事,我会加强对孩子上网的监管,更多的时候是选择陪她一起上网,堵不如疏,正确引导才是最重要的,也在闲暇之余带她出去走一走,看一看,外面的世界一样精彩。After that, I will strengthen the supervision of children's surfing the Internet. Most of the time is to choose to accompany her to surf the Internet, blocking is not as sparse as it is, and correct guidance is the most important thing. In the spare time, I take her out for a walk, and look at it, the outside world is wonderful.


额,,我们工会都是我看着长大的孩子,,这个暧昧不知从何得来,这2、30个备胎的言论我真的想说:你以为人人和你一样玩游戏就是想找备胎,就是想和别人暧昧啊?7, World of Warcraft for me, is really a very good memory in the life of fun, I think a lot of people and I had sympathy, where I met a lot of friends now, various industries in various fields, they are very good, but they have a common identity Warcraft game player. ^_^ Warcraft taught me the importance of team work and work on the rigorous attitude and so on. To the old, I will recall the original variety (I recently in guiding the daughter to do the story of Warcraft fan, used to share the story to her children, after listening, watching her mother would say: Mom, you are great, I have always thought you... Oh sorry ^_^
Well, we are looking at me, the children grow up, I do not know where to come, the affair, the 2 and 30 spare words I really want to say: you think you like playing games and everyone is looking for is to spare, and others?

孩子现在很好,可以说非常好,主动的亲吻拥抱妈妈,这是一个我以前不敢想的举动,非常大的进步。非常感谢NGA上所有的正义魔兽玩家,我很感谢我接触的这个游戏都是充满正能量的朋友。至于那些喜欢篡改事实,刊登扭曲言论的媒体、网站,我想说的是,为什么这个帖子要发在这里,而不是B站或者某些微博之类的地方呢。因为我自己知道,我得到的帮助来自于哪里,在我最绝望的时候,是什么样的一群人在我背后支持我!但是也承认,以我现在的经济实力真的没办法更多的去应对一些不实的报到,这也看出了我们作为一个个体是多么的渺小。The child is now very good, can say very well, the initiative kiss hug mother, this is a move that I did not dare to think before, very big progress. Thank you very much for all the just and right wow players on NGA. I'm very grateful to the game I've been in contact with full of positive energy. As for the media and websites that like to distort facts and publish distorted speech, I want to say why this post is to be posted here, rather than B station or micro-blog. Because I know myself, where is the help I get, and what kind of people support me behind me when I'm most desperate! But I also admit that, with my current economic strength, there is really no way to deal with some false reports, which shows how small we are as an individual.


善良的人儿也请您继续善良,至于不想悔改的人,你的选择会让你后悔,执迷不悟,最终受伤的还是你自己。The children who responded in the review District hope that you can really understand their parents' difficulty from now on. Everyone makes mistakes, and those who make mistakes are longing for the opportunity to be forgiven.
Good person please continue good, so as not to repent, your choice will make you regret, stubborn, and ultimately hurt or your own.

在这里谢谢所有人的关爱,谢谢恩基爱所有老哥的关爱!感谢所有给我私信提供帮助的人儿,私信太多,没有一一回复,深感歉意。Here, thank you for all the love, thank you all, grace and love love! Thanks for all the private letter to me to help people, because too much, no reply, sorry.

谢谢大家的关爱,豆芽和小豆芽会一直幸福下去,我们很好,希望热心的网友们你们也好,要幸福快乐!不要再发生这样的事情是我最希望看到的事情。Thank you for your love. Bean sprouts and sprouts will always be happy. We are very good. We hope that all the eager netizens will be happy. Don't happen again. This is the thing I most want to see.


善良是一种本性,也是一种选择。Thank you for your good friends. Thank you for your little help from the guild during this time. Though it's been too long to play together, but this friendship is forever.
Kindness is a kind of nature, but also a choice.

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