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  核心提示: 《战锤末世鼠疫2》中的步行骑士作为团队中不可或缺的职业之一,深受众多玩家关注。那么想要玩好步行骑士应该掌握哪些打法技巧呢?下面就一起来看看“刘虎狗”讲...

《战锤末世鼠疫2》中的步行骑士作为团队中不可或缺的职业之一,深受众多玩家关注。那么想要玩好步行骑士应该掌握哪些打法技巧呢?下面就一起来看看“刘虎狗”讲解的《战锤末世鼠疫2》步行骑士天劫打法技巧及F技能用法吧,希望对大家有所帮助。One of the "2" in the Warhammer eschatological plague knights as an indispensable team in the occupation, attention by many game player. So what kind of playing skills should you want to play with a good walking knight? Here's a look at the "Liu Hu dog" to explain the "doomsday" Warhammer 2 plague Knights fire skills and F skills usage, we hope to help.

正义城塞&黑暗营地攻击方式分为近战,远程,投掷物。现版本天劫我偏爱刷正义城塞和黑暗营地。正义流程稳,黑暗流程相对短药品多。The righteous City stopper & the way of attack in the dark camp is divided into near war, long distance, and throw. This day I prefer justice city version brush plug and dark camp. The process of justice is stable, and the dark process is relatively short.

在这两个地图,我的脚骑带的是长柄斧和单发步枪。长柄斧速度快,破甲强,可以补充队伍清特感队友打铠甲怪无力的现状,而且这把武器小技巧很多,推荐大家去熟练。On these two maps, my foot is taken with a long handle and a single rifle. Long axes speed, strong penetration, can clear sense on the status of special team teammates playing strange armor powerless, but this weapon many tips, we recommend to skilled.

比如常规的平a竖劈大概是30度角的打击面,可以通过鼠标方向斜拉变成45-60度小范围aoe,比如说刷第三刀砍头秒铠甲怪(刀砍爆头线这种基础应该人人都知道),重刀蓄力冲等等。For example, the conventional flat a vertical split is probably the attack angle of 30 degrees, by the direction of the mouse stayed into a small range of 45-60 degrees AOE, such as knife brush third seconds strange armor (Sword beheaded headshot line this foundation everyone should know), heavy knife Pactrometer red and so on.

单发步枪不像精灵弓箭普通平射有下坠,在天劫以下难度可以一发秒除铠甲勇士以外的特感。天劫难度会build可以秒特感,虽然装弹慢,技巧也是非常的多。Unlike ordinary single shot rifle elvish bow are falling flat, can be a second in addition to outside the special feeling in the armor warriors day following difficulty. The difficulty will be taken build seconds special sense, although the slow loading, skill is also very much.

这里推荐三个技巧,包括练习方式。秒枪,闪身枪,线列枪。其实这三者可以说是一种方式,为什么分别列出来,打天劫久了你就会知道确实有区别。Here are three tips, including practice. A second dodge gun, gun, gun line. In fact, the three can be said to be a way, why are listed, playing day long you will know that there is a difference.

秒枪首先说秒枪,已经说了天劫难度下步枪秒特感只要一枪,秒枪利用的是按q切换武器比按数字键快的特性。The second gun first said second gun, said Rob difficulty seconds as long as a special sense of rifle gun, the gun is used according to the characteristics of second Q switch weapons than press fast.

具体操作是q鼠标左键q。熟悉这个节奏q的瞬间按鼠标左键,不上子弹立刻切回主武器。熟练的话0.5秒以内能完成。The specific operation is the Q mouse left key Q. Familiar with the rhythm of Q moments by the left mouse button on the bullet, not immediately cut back to the main weapon. Proficient words can be completed within 0.5 seconds.

秒枪主要用来秒刺客,人贩子,吸吸怪,对着你冲来的菜刀队(狂战士,绿帽崽)和伤害补强。Second guns are mainly used for second assassins, human traffickers, sucking and sucking, and the attack team (Berserker, green hat) and damage to you.

脚骑士经常充当殿后人选,毕竟f回复快,赶路强。殿后的时候突然看到怪堆里一个猥琐笑容的人贩子拿着套马杆向你走来,怪堆还缠着你不放,旁边传过来一个吸吸怪,向你伸出咸猪手偏偏他的猪脑袋差一点才能够到你的斧头怎么办?秒枪直接带走。The rear foot Knights often act as a candidate, after all f reply soon, on strong. Suddenly I saw the strange pile up a wretched smile who took the horse pole came to you, strange heap still around you not to put, next came a strange breath, to reach you just groping his pig head to do bad to you axe a bit? The second gun is taken away directly.

秒枪不瞄准自己练习枪感,这游戏的射击难度非常低。伤害补强是利用步枪伤害高,打怪硬直强的特性辅助攻击。The second gun does not aim at the sense of the gun, and the game is very difficult to shoot. The damage reinforcement is the use of the rifle injury high, the strange hard and direct strength of the characteristics of the auxiliary attack.

比如说暴风鼠巡逻队,三只鼠60度包夹你,不远处的队友哭喊着爸爸快来救我我被拉了(暴风鼠会被你f撞开同时停止你的撞击步伐)你可以qaq闪枪秒一只,然后压角度三斧头砍死(砍头)第二只暴风鼠,在压好斧头的情况下(第三刀要砍头,For example the rat patrol, three rats 60 degrees sandwiched between you, not far from his teammates cried father come and save me I pulled (the storm will be open at the same time in your f stop impact your pace) you can QAQ a second flash gun, then the pressure angle of three axe and hacked to death (beheaded) second rats in the storm, the pressure under the condition of good axe (third knife to cut,

第一第二刀可以拉鼠标打角度aoe)第四刀竖劈砍死第三只。然后大喊一声儿子别慌爸爸在呢冲撞特感解围。全程时间3秒左右。总之是砍的同时秒枪偷伤害,还能打断重击(不能打断铁甲怪蓄力超重击,对盾牌风暴鼠正面效果不强)。闪身枪The first second knife can pull the mouse hit angle AOE) fourth knife vertical split hacked third. Then yell a son do not panic dad is bumping the special sense of relief. The whole time is about 3 seconds. In short cut and second gun steal damage, but also a break (not to interrupt the armored strange Pactrometer super hit, not strong to the positive effect of rat storm shield). Dodge gun

利用侧滑步离开掩体,或者进门瞬间同时秒枪杀怪,推荐在农场救人质上楼梯,有个会固定刷出的加特林,试着用闪身枪瞬秒看看。The left side sliding door or cover, instantaneously, second shot strange, recommended the staircase in the farm hostage, will have a fixed brush out of Gatlin, try to dodge the gun at instantaneous seconds.

闪身枪的真正用途主要是在拉boss的时候帮队友解围,除了混沌卵(骑士f可以解控救人),其它boss我一般做主T(我队伍双T,另外一个是碎铁)天劫难度出尸潮基本必带精英怪堆,铁甲鼠队/重甲崽队+小怪群考输出,特感+小怪考解控制链。The real purpose is to dodge the gun team when help pull boss, in addition to chaotic eggs (Knight f can control solution, save) other boss I (T I T team two shots, the other one is taken out of scrap iron) corpse tide will bring difficulty basic elite team / heavy armored reactor, rats a small group of strange cubs team + test + small output, special blame test solution of the control chain.

出boss几乎是必出小怪潮,偶尔特感加小怪潮加boss你技术好,队友配合好久没问题了。在拉boss的时候闪身躲重击所有人都会,现在加一个动作,秒枪帮队友解特感。线枪Boss is almost certainly a little monster tide, occasionally with a little strange tide plus boss, you are good technology, teammates for a long time no problem. When pull boss dodge hit all will hide, now add a second gun action, help the solution of the sense of team. Line gun

线枪的打法有点特殊,削弱了弹药用的机会少一些了。跟精灵追踪箭技巧差不多,不特别赘述。The shot of the line gun is a little special, which weakens the chance of the use of the ammunition. Similar to the elves tracking arrows, not specifically.

线枪的练习如果有fps射击基础的可以说非常容易,懂得现实射击技术的,可以参考现代手枪近距离射击技术(威沃尔三角射击用身体当瞄具)和马盖普的射击理念。If you have a FPS line gun practice shooting base can be very easy to understand, practical shooting technology, can refer to the modern pistol shot at close range technology (triangular body when shooting with the weaver sight) and horse gap shooting concept.

平时用塔尔城堡的靶子练习,游戏人物持枪稳如泰山,不要想着子弹从枪里出来,学会不看枪,不看准心。Usually with tall Castle target practice, gun game characters don't think out as steady as Mount Tai, bullet in the gun, learn not to see the gun, do not see the heart.

要想着子弹从你的身体里出来,简单来说就是记忆闪枪打出子弹的区块位置或者点,把这一点挪到敌人身上。To think of a bullet out of your body, simply memorize the location or point of the bullet's bullet and move it to the enemy.

使劲在塔尔城堡用靶子练习吧,闪枪不打远,线列枪是一定会打中距离的,难度非常高。Hard in the thar castle with target practice, flash gun not far, gun will hit the line distance, the difficulty is very high.

投掷物不多说,很多build会加入丢雷几率不损耗增加控场提升容错率。F技能The throw is not much said, many build will join the lightning probability does not lose the control field to increase the fault tolerance. F skills

接下来说一下骑士F技能。习惯了伤害型技能的可能不习惯这个很正常。Then talk about the knight's F skills. It's normal to be used to injure skills not to be used to it.


主动位移imba与否,其实很考游戏理解。Knight's F skill is the only game of the whole game, with active displacement at the same time, forced displacement, control and control. It is also the fastest f recovery.
Whether the IMBA is active or not, it is really an understanding of the game.


习惯了低难度(原谅把噩梦也划归低难度)我砍爆的节奏,来到天劫,熟悉的图灭团数次请不要烦躁抓狂,来认真思考一个问题。Now I was full of orange full entry attribute graduation, ride on my feet this set of equipment to build, as deputy T, label: carry the line control of blame, solution control, second special feeling, high output (can play the foot ride with this building can be taken with the bounty, ranger for data the dog), Qiangdian, rescue (teammate Chen classmates all down, quietly stood up)
Accustomed to the low degree of difficulty (forgive the nightmare under the low difficulty) I cut blasting rhythm, came to the day, the familiar figure whipes several times don't fret crazy, to seriously think about a problem.

这个游戏怎样通关?对于游戏理解,我建议大家去刷如下几个图,这也是我看来提升power效率非常高的方式。How does the game pass through? For the understanding of the game, I recommend that everyone go to brush the following pictures, which is also a very high efficiency way to improve power.

1.打铃铛关,用巡林客跑图过关,私密游戏带3bot秒表计时把时间控制在七分钟以内。1. hit the bell close, use the patrol forest guest running map, private games with 3bot stopwatch time control within seven minutes.

2.噩梦黑暗营地4书通关,推攻城车时队友或者你站箭塔。2. nightmare dark camp 4 Book clearance, push the city car teammate or you stand arrow tower.

3.噩梦正义城塞五书通关,至少一次把boss引到悬崖边撞下去。3. City five nightmare justice plug clearance, at least once to boss lead to the edge of the cliff down.

4.噩梦正义城塞不被小怪碰到一下通关。The 4. nightmare of justice city stopper is not touched by the small monster to pass through the customs.

总之当你做完这些动作你就会发现,原来通关根本不需要数据?1可以把最后一个巨鼠留给电脑,自己跑酷进圈2可以速刷不触发一波尸潮,只要rush快,四个人杀怪还不破百。3原来boss可以这么打4站位好近战远程控线怪物真的碰不到你一下好舒服。In a word, when you have done these actions, you will find that the original customs don't need data at all. 1 can the last giant rat for a computer, you can speed into 2 Parkour brush does not trigger a wave of corpse tide, as long as the rush fast, four people are not killing pobai. 3 it turns out that boss can hit 4 stations so close to the remote control line monster really can't touch you well.

关于F技的机制一定要大家自己理解,骑士的f技巧现在普及一下:线撞,和面撞。The mechanism of F technology must be understood by everyone, and the Knights' f skills are now popularized: line collision, and face collision.


面撞专门控制铠甲怪群/boss加铠甲怪群,撞击的时候一个铠甲怪也能停止你的撞击,像巡逻队接近你时,会拉出一条线,撞击可能只能撞到前排的1-2个。等他们砍你铺成一个面撞击可以达成复数控制。Line collision is a good way to control and close to teammates. For example, when a trafficker, an assassin is close to a teammate, links the extension line of your charge to the open space in front of his teammates, so as to save seconds or save.
The face crash is a special way to control the armor and monster group /boss plus armor. When a crash happens, a armor monster can also stop your impact. As the patrol team approaches you, it will pull out a line, and the impact will probably only hit 1-2 of the front row. When they cut you into a face impact, you can reach a plural control.


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